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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Sudaksina

When Kasi was killed by Krishna, his son Sudakshina vowed to take revenge. He prayed to Shiva to help him. Pleased with his devotion, Shiva advised him to perform black magic and acquire an evil spirit to kill his enemy.

Accordingly, Sudaksina performed a demonic sacrifice. After a while, Krishna and demon Daksinagni Daksinagni, the demon, emerged from the blazing fire. It had long sharp teeth, a huge red tongue, and a blazing trident.

Following Sudaksina's instruction, the demon went to Dwarka. As he placed his huge steps, the city trembled and all the people fled. The guards rushed to inform Krishna about the appearance of this fearsome demon. Recognising Daksinagni, Krishna flung the Sudarshan Chakra at him. Seeing the Chakra, the demon fled. If the effects of black magic fail, the demon returns to kill its creator. Accordingly, Daksinagni went to kill Sudaksina while the chakra followed . After his death, the chakra returned to Dwarka.