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Indian Mythological Stories

Krishna and Sudama

Sudama was Krishna's friend and devotee. He belonged to a poor Brahmin family. Years passed and Krishna became king of Dwarka but Sudama remained a poor man. Sudama and his wife and children starved without food.

Tired of their pitiable state, one day his wife advised him go seek his Sudama goes to Krishnafriend Krishna's help. Sudama who was an extremely honest man felt ashamed to ask for help. When his wife insisted, Sudama agreed to go, but realised that going empty-handed to meet a friend after so long would look odd. So he carried with him a handful of puffed rice as a gift. Krishna greeted Sudama warmly when he arrived at the palace. Seeing the splendour of Dwarka, Sudama felt awed. Krishna's hospitality humbled him, and was now feeling embarrassed to take out his simple gift. Seeing a small bag in Sudama's hand, Krishna promptly asked him whether his gift was inside the bag. Sudama unwillingly took it out and said he could not gift a handful of puffed rice to a king. Krishna immediately understood Sudama's problem. He happily accepted the gift as if it was the most precious thing.

When Sudama reached home the next day, he saw a huge mansion instead of his hut and his family wearing new clothes. He went inside and found lots of food. At once he knew that god had showered his blessings on him.