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Fables & Fairytales

Rama and Laxmana

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience

King Dasaratha's children were taught by the great sage Vashistha. Though all four were very bright, Rama was the best and most adored.

One day Sage Vishmitra came to King Dasaratha and told him thatRama and Laxmana with sage Vishmitra two demons named Mareecha and a Subahu were troubling the sages. He asked King Dasaratha to send his brave sons, Rama and Laxmana, to fight the two demons and enable the sages to perform their rituals. King Dasaratha sent Rama and Laxmana with the sage to the forest of Dandka.

The brothers kept a strict watch outside the sage's hut while the rituals was going on. Five days past peacefully but on the morning of the sixth day a thunderous roar was heard. All looked up to see an approaching army of demons clouding the skies. Rama aimed Mareecha, and hurled into the sea. The next shot at Subahu, killed the monster immediately. The two brothers then easily defeated the rest of the army.

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