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Indian Mythological Stories

The End of Jaidratha

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience

Arjuna came to know that his son, Abhimanyu, had been killed against the code of war. He was told that Jaidratha was resposible for it. Arjuna was grief-stricken and furious. He took a vow- either he would end Jaidratha's life before the sun set on the fourteenth day or kill himself. On the fourteenth day the Kaurava army was so arranged as to protect Jaidratha. But Arjuna cut through the array of soldiers and reached Jaidratha. But just as he was going to kill him. there was darkness. The Kauravas were happy that the sun had set and Arjuna would now have to kill himself. Arjuna was sorrowful, but Krishna told Arjuna to be ready. The sun reappeared for a few minutes and Arjuna killed Jaidratha.

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