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Indian Mythological Stories

The Girl in the Dream

Betal once again narrated a story to Vikram.

Manikdweep was ruled by a king named Mani Verma. His son, Sudhir, was very dutiful. When Sudhir reached twenty, Mani Verma decided to get him married to a beautiful girl. Finally, the king selected the princes of a neighbouring kingdom.

That night Sudhir saw a beautiful dream of a fair, doe-eyed girl with Sudhir and his dream girlher arms open, waiting to embrace him. Sudhir woke up startled. Completely smitten by this dream he decided to delay his marriage and hunt for the girl. Taking permission from his father he left the palace dressed a commoner.

He searched villages, towns, and cities. For three months he travelled thus but the girl was nowhere to be found. Tired he decides to take a break near a river. There he spotted a girl with her back turned to him. Curious, he went up to her.

Just as she turned his heart skipped a bear-before him stood his dream girl. Excited, he proposed marriage to her. On hearing a stranger speak this way the girl complained to her father. When Sudhir came to meet him, he asked , "Who are you and why are you chasing my daughter?"

Sudhir felt ashamed and kept mum. He returned home and married the princess.

Betal asked Vikram, "Why did Sudhir feel ashamed ?" "He realised he was foolishly running after a dream about which he knew nothing," Vikram replied.

"Right again ," cried Betal and flew away.