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Indian Mythological Stories

The King's Guilt

Vikram placed Betal on his shoulder and started waking. And Betal began a story.

Once, a learned man, Shridutt, visited King Chadersen's court. The king was impressed by Shridutt's wisdom and intelligence. When King giving necklace to ShriduttShridutt took his leave, the pleased king gave him a precious necklace. On his way home, a robber killed Shridutt and took the necklace. The king's soldiers came to know about this and arrested the robber. The robber was hanged on the king's orders. But the king was very unhappy and blamed himself for shridutt's death, had he not given Shridutt the necklace, he wouldn't have been killed. The king felt guilty and cursed himself all day. He could not eat or sleep properly and became ill. All the royal doctors failed to cure him .

One day, the queen called for a doctor who was also a scholar. The doctor said that he had the power to bring Shridutt back to life. The king was happy to hear that but asked the doctor if he could bring the robber also back to life. The doctor said that through his powers he could bring only one person to life.

At this, the king said, "If you can't bring the robber to life then don't bring Shridutt to life either." Betal asked Vikram , "Why did the king say that?" Vikram replied , "the king thought that if shridutt can be alive, why should the robber he punished for his murder." Betal said, "You are right , but you broke your silence , so here I go." saying so, Betal flew away.