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Indian Mythological Stories

The Mischief of Lord Mars

A couple was once travelling through a forest. When Mars saw the beautiful wife he felt like getting up to some mischief. He took the form of the husband and went to the couple. He asked the wife Lord Marsto go with him. The Husband became angry and they started fighting. Some villagers came to see what was going on, but nobody could tell who the real husband was.

One of the villagers realised that some heavenly spirit had taken the form of the husband. He brought an earthen pot with a spout and said, "Whoever can enter this pot through this spout is the real husband." At this the real husband said that it was an unfair test, he could never enter the pot. But Mars knew how to change the shape of his body small and entered the pot through the spout. The villager closed the pot and Mars was trapped in it and the real husband took his wife with him.