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Indian Mythological Stories

The Mountain Bows

There were two mountains, Vindhya and Meru. The sun used to go around Meru but not Vindhya. This made Vindhya jealous. He Sage Agastya and Vindya mountainasked the sun to encircle him but was refused. In anger, Vindhya grew and touched the sky. He blocked the sun. The earth was plunged in darkness. Without sunlight, creatures started to die. The gods went to Sage Agastya for help. Agastya promised to help. Vindhya knew he could not defeat Agastya and so he decided to please him, he bowed his head in respect and invited him to stay. Agastya said, "I have to go for some important work. Stay in this position till I return." Vindhya realised his mistake, but he could not disobey a sage and stayed bowed. Agastya never returned. Now the sun's rays reached the earth and all was well again.

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