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Indian Mythological Stories

The Story of Brains Over Beauty

As Vikram lifted Betal, Betal started narrating another story. A merchant had two sons, Sudhakar and Dayakar. While Sudhakar was handsome, Dayakar was intelligent. After their father's death the business went to Dayakar. One day , a rich man came with the proposal of getting his daughters married. Sudhakar married one daughter, but the other refused to marry Dayakar. Dayakar vowed to marry a more beautiful girl.

Sudhakar wrongfully acquired the property and Dayakar promised to return only after becoming richer. One day, he saved a rich merchant, and he offered him employment. The merchant had an ugly daughter who used to be ill-treated while everybody liked his helper's beautiful daughter. Both wanted to marry Dayakar.

Betal asked Vikram, "Which girl did Dayakar choose?" Vikram replied, "The merchant's daughter, because she needed better treatment."

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