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Indian Mythological Stories

Yudhishthira Is Crowned

The Pandavas had finally won the Mahabharata war and Yudhisthira was the rightful heir to the throne of Hastinapur now. But he felt that many people had lost their lives in the battle and he was not at peace with himself after the war and wanted to lead an ascetic life. His brothers tried to cheer him up and on Sage Vyasa's insistence and advice, Yudhishthira eventually agreed to take charge of Hastinapur.

An elaborate ceremony was arranged to crown Yudhishthira and Yudhishthira and Bhishmadeclare him the new king of Hastinapur. The entire city was lit up. The palace was decorated and grand arrangements were made for the coronation ceremony. The people of the kingdom rejoiced and the sages blessed the new king. After his coronation, he went with Krishna to meet Bhishma who was lying on abed of arrows on the battlefield. His brothers also accompanied him. Bhishma blessed Yudhisthira and advised him to always follow the path of truth and justice. Finally, Bhishma passed away peacefully and Yudhishthira returned to rule over his kingdom.