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Photography as a Hobby

photography as hobby


Photography can be an excellent hobby for kids. Besides giving fun, photography can be highly useful to you in the sense that you can use it to catalog all memorable events of your lives. When you grow up, it will give you so much joy to look back at the days gone by. It will teach you about the science of light, the art of telling a story through a picture, how to convey emotion in art, and much more. And if you love photography, it can be a hobby for life and can even be a vocation or job later on in your life.


Before taking a photograph, you should first understand the mechanics of a camera. Get your parents to teach you the basic functions of a camera like zoom, flash, and focus. If it's a digital camera, you need to know basic functions like saving and deleting pictures, changing the battery, having back up pictures, etc. Also, learn how to take care of the camera and protect the lens. Scratches on a lens can ruin your camera and all the pictures you have taken.

Remember these following guidelines will come in handy if you intend to make photography your hobby:

  1. Make sure there is nothing in front of the lens that will ruin your photo. Keep your fingers away from the lens; this is a common mistake that ruins the pictures of most beginners in photography.
  2. Always think about lighting when taking a picture. Lighting can make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Make sure there is adequate lighting wherever you snap your pictures.
  3. Too much clutter or other distracting items can ruin a photo. Pay attention to all that you see in your frame and get rid of any such thing that can disturb a nice shot of your subject. Look at what is behind and around your subject. You certainly don't want a big palm leaf getting in front of your Dad's smiling face in your beautiful beach shot, do you?
  4. Try different angles when you take a picture. Also move closer or further away from your subject and adjust the camera-zoom to get a better shot.
  5. Always hold the camera steady or the photos you take may come out blurry. If you can, purchase a tripod stand to rest your camera. This will keep your camera steady as well as hold the camera level.