Happy Halloween
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Halloween! The name itself brings to the mind ghosts, ghouls, monsters, graves, bats and all that is scary. Doesn't it? Come. Enter the dark and mysterious world of Halloween with us. Let's try to unravel the unfathomable mysteries that seem to be associated with this strange tradition. Read on. If you like this page, click here and refer it to your friends.

history history Know about Halloween, its history, and how the festival came into practice as it is today.
jack_o_lantern jack_o_lantern Jack-o-lantern is the biggest icon of Halloween, and is also a widely performed activity. Learn about its history, and get instructions on how to carve out a pumpkin for yourself this Halloween.
halloween greeting cards halloween greeting cards Connect to all your friends, send free Halloween greeting cards. You can also send party invitations or a group greeting card.
halloween wallpapers halloween wallpapers A collection of cool Halloween wallpapers for your PC. Keeping in mind the taste of kids like you, these wallpapers have been designed to catch the flavor of the celebrations.
spooky tales spooky tales A collection of spooky, horror stories for Halloween. Download and read them to send the creeps through their spine.
craft ideas craft ideas Craft ideas and activities for kids on this Halloween. Adult supervision advised.
costumes ideas costumes ideas Dress up for trick or treat or your Halloween party. A collection of spooky and scary costume ideas for the season.
party ideas party ideas Throwing a Halloween party? or attending one? Look no further, check out these wonderful creative party ideas for Halloween.
games games Halloween Games, that you can play directly in your browser, without installing anything. All the trial versions are free, so play to your hearts content.
quotes quotes Halloween quotes. Read and forward them, or use them with your greeting cards or prints.
jokes jokes The lighter side of Halloween. A collection of Halloween jokes for you to enjoy, forward, or crack.
trivia trivia Facts and trivia on the festival. Little tit bits that make an enjoyable reading.
poems poems Poems for Halloween. Lovely, scary and spooky poems for the occasion.
printable cards printable cards Cool printable images for Halloween. Print out and make wonderful greeting cards for your pals.
halloween quiz Halloween quiz Tickle your brain cells with this wonderful Halloween quiz.

Safety tips for halloween Safety tips for Halloween Be safe! here are some tips for parenrs and childern to celebrate halloween in a safer way.

Halloween Stories Stories Read a wonderful story on halloween.
Horror Stories for Kids Stories Read some great collection of horror and ghost stories.

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