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Moral stories

Annabel and Cheese

Annabel and Cheese

In a small hut, on the hills in Scotland, lived Annabel and her parents.

Her father didn't have money to send her to high school. So, Annabel visited the dairy everyday together with her father.

While her father made cheese, Annabel fed the cows and buffaloes, and played with the goats and sheep.

Annabel loved cheese.

Annabel and Cheese

One day, she asked, "Daddy, please teach me how to make cheese?"

Daddy laughed and said, "Sure! Are you getting to make some for me as well?”

"l will make the best cheese in the world for you, daddy” smiled Annabel.

Annabel's father taught her to form cheese


Annabel became passionate about cooking and everything related to cheese. Although she could never attend school, she learnt everything from her father and mother, hands on.

Years gone by, Annabel became a great chef and made the planet famous blue cheese in her dairy .

Moral: Always make the most of what you've got.

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