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Moral stories

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

Anita was a bubbly female child who grew up within the Himalayan abode of snow, within the eastern region of Nepal. Her parents were Sheppards. It was that point of the year when the sky was blue, sun smiled upon the village and therefore the stars in the dark never looked brighter before. Anita found a lot of tourists visit her village. Watching people from everywhere the planet visit her village made Anita curious. "What are these people doing here father?" asked Anita. Anita's father laughed and said, "Darling, they have all come to climb those mountains."

Amazed at their courage, Anita said, "Really father? Is it possible to climb to the top?"

"Of course dear," replied her father. Many people do it.

"Someday, I will be able to climb to the highest of these majestic mountains" said Anita with a resounding streak of hope, a burning dream brewing in her eyes. But Life had other plans for her. Anita lost one among her legs when she was thirteen. Clouds of despair overshadowed her happy world.

"l will never be ready to climb those mountains," cried Anita.

Her father loved her dearly. He couldn't see his little girl in pain. He too was devastated. But he did not loose heart.

One day Anita's father built her a peg, a wooden leg, which she could wear and walk.

"Never say 'never'. Start climbing the mountains," said the determined father.

Believe in yourself - Moral Story

Anita was beside herself with joy. She wore the wooden limb and walked, and fell. Stood up, and tried to run, and fell again. The entire village laughed at the daddy and daughter's foolishness. But nothing pulled them down. Both the father and daughter were determined to win against all odds. They kept practicing.

After five years Anita made it to the highest of the mountains. And she made her father very proud of her, along with her country.

Moral: Never let words of discouragement pull you down. Don't let others tell you: "you cannot roll in the hay". Always believe yourself.

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