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Moral stories

Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby

bere rabbit and tar baby

One day Brer Fox made a Tar Baby and kept it in the middle of the road. Then he ran and hid behind a bush to see what would happen. After some time, Brer Rabbit came and wished the Tar Baby. The Tar Baby did not reply. The Brer Rabbit thought that he is rude and punched on his face. His hand got stuck in the face.

Then the Brer Fox came out and said to the Brer Rabbit, “I will roast you for the dinner. ” The Brer Rabbit said, “Roast me if you want, but please don't throw me into that briar patch." The Brer Fox thought that it was a dangerous place. Then he took out the Brer Rabbit from the Tar Baby and took him to the briar patch. The Brer Fox waited to hear the cry of pain of the Brer Rabbit. But he did not hear any sound He went into it and saw that Brer Rabbit was sitting cross-legged way up, smiling on a nearby hill. The Brer Rabbit smiling said to the Brer Fox, “I was bornand breed in a briar patch!

MORAL :Cleverness can take you out of any problem.

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