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Moral stories

Cat and mouse

Cat and mouse

Once upon a time there lived a cat that loved to read. At night, when everybody was asleep, she would put on the spectacles and read the BIG BOOK FOR CATS.

One day, she read in the book: If you want a mouse for dinner, repeat the following rhyme: In this house there is a mouse, where is the mouse, where is the mouse? The cat looked up from the book and found that there was a mouse on the top of the table. The cat repeated the rhyme and soon found the same mouse on the bed. Then she jumped upon the bed to catch the mouse and the mouse was gone!

The mouse was very clever. Suddenly he squeaked, “Oh, dear cat, run, run fast! There is dog after you!” The cat left the mouse and was ready to jump out of the window. The mouse sat near his hole and said, “Ha-ha-ha! Dear cat that was the trick I learnt from the BIO BOOK FOR MICE!” And the mouse ran into his hole!

MORAL :An intelligent person should not think that others are illiterate.

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