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Moral stories

Defeating the Bully

Makaal was an enormous, strong, bully in class. He pushed round the other boys, beat them up, ate their lunch, and made them do his homework. His endless torture was unbearable.

One day the boys got together and decided to face up against Makaal.

Moral Story - Defeating The Bully

"When he beats one among us, all folks will stand together to fight back," said a boy.

The other said, "If he eats our lunch, we'll stand together to retrieve it back from him."

Another one said, "I won't do his homework anymore. If he forces, we'll march to the teacher together to complain."

It was decided that they will all stand together when Makaal bullies anybody of them again.

When the time came, those boys stood together, as a team and showed Makaal that they weren't scared of him anymore. Makaal tried to push them harder. In the process, he got beaten up by all the boys.

Thereafter, Makaal never bullied anybody again, as he was shown his place.

Moral: One man cannot fight a battle. But team can. Team work helps in achieving our goals.

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