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Moral stories

Dozy Tortoise Wins the Race

dozy tortoise wins the race

Beneath the emerald canopy of an ancient forest, where sunbeams danced on mossy stones, lived a proud hare named Dash. His life was a blur of wind-whipped fur and laughter, as he raced through the woods, leaving slower creatures trailing in his dust. One day, basking in the admiration of his fellow animals, Dash spotted a plodding tortoise named Shelly.

"Look at Shelly," he scoffed, "Dragging that shell around like a house!"

Shelly, wise and unfazed, simply smiled. "Slow and steady wins the race, Dash," she quipped.

This, of course, was too much for Dash's ego. "A race!" he cried, leaping into the air. "You and me, Shelly? From the old oak to the whispering waterfall?"

The animals gasped. Could Shelly, with her measured pace, possibly outrun Dash, the swiftest creature in the woods? Shelly, ever calm, merely nodded.

The day of the race arrived. The forest buzzed with excitement. Birds perched on branches, squirrels chattered from the trees, and even the old badger emerged from his burrow to watch. As the sun kissed the leaves, the race began. Dash shot off like a silver arrow, leaving Shelly far behind. He raced like the wind, weaving through ferns and leaping over fallen logs.

At the halfway point, confident of his victory, Dash decided to rest. He curled up beneath a shady tree, picturing Shelly still trudging through the undergrowth. He dreamt of victory feasts and cheers, and when he finally awoke, the sun was dipping low.

Panic surged through him as he realised his mistake. He raced with all his might, but to his horror, he reached the waterfall only to find Shelly, her wrinkled head peeking over the finish line. The forest erupted in cheers, a chorus of admiration for Shelly's determination.

Dash, humbled and ashamed, approached Shelly. "You were right," he mumbled. "Slow and steady truly does win the race."

Shelly, with a warm smile, patted his head. "Remember, Dash," she said, "speed isn't everything. Persistence, patience, and believing in yourself can take you even further."

From that day on, Dash never bragged about his speed again. He learned that true victory isn't found in fleeting moments of glory, but in the steady grind of effort and the quiet satisfaction of a job well done. And sometimes, the slowest among us can teach the fastest the most valuable lessons of all.

So, whenever you see a plodding tortoise, remember the tale of Shelly and Dash. Remember that it's not about how fast you go, but about never giving up and always trusting in your own unique pace.

Moral: Over confidence never lets you win the race.

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