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Moral stories

Dozy Tortoise Wins the Race

dozy tortoise wins the race

One day Bunny was hopping in the park. Suddenly, Dozy, the tortoise came to him and said, “Hey Bunny, you are so slow. Your great-great-grandfather lost the race against my great-great grandfather.”

Bunny, the rabbit sadly went home. As he reached home his mother asked, “Why are you sad?” Bunny replied, “Today Dozy,the tortoise laughed at me.” Then he asked his mother, “Mother, why did great-great-great-grandfather lose the race against the tortoise?”

“Great-great-great-grandfather was very proud. That's why he lost the race,” said Mother Rabbit. “But I'll race with Dozy, the tortoise and defeat him. I'll show him only speed and swiftness win races.”

Mother Rabbit tried to stop her son from doing anything foolish but he did not listen. Bunny went straight to Dozy, the tortoise whowas sleeping under a tree. “Dozy, I challenge you to a race tomorrow. We'll start from here and finish the race at the bridge,”

announced Bunny, the rabbit. The next morning, the race began. Smily , the Frog was the umpire. But to everyone's great wonder, once again, Dozy, the tortoise was the winner!He has put on loller skates!

MORAL :Over confidence never lets you win the race.

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