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Moral stories

How the Turtle Saved Its Life

How the Turtle Saved Its Life

Once a king built a pool in his palace for his young children to play in. He ordered his men to put some fish into the pond. By mistake, the men also put in a turtle.

One day the princess went into the pool to play, she saw the turtle and got afraid. She ran to the king and said, “There is a demon in the pool,” Then the king ordered his men to kill the turtle. But they did not know how to kill the turtle. Then an old man said, “Why don't we throw him into the water from where the water flows out over the rocks into the river. He would be killed that way.” When the turtle heard this, he said, “Oh no! Please don't do that to me.” The men did as the old man suggested and hence, the turtle was led out. The turtle was happy as he swam back home.

MORAL :We should act intelligently.

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