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Moral stories

Idle Tortoise

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Idle Tortoise

One day the tortoise was roaming in the jungle. The tortoise saw an eagle resting on a tree top.The tortoise went to the eagle and asked him, "Can l also sit like you and do nothing ?" The eagle answered, "Sure , why not." The tortoise smiled and sat on the ground below the eagle. The tortoise rested there for hours. Soon the tortoise went in a deep sleep. Suddenly a hunter came in his jeep to the forest to hunt a tortoise. The hunter suddenly saw a tortoise sleeping under a tree. The hunter got down from the jeep and silently went to the tortoise. The hunter took his net and caught the tortoise.

MORAL :To be sitting and nothing , you must be sitting very, veryhigh up.

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