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Moral stories

John's Poultry Farm

John's Poultry Farm

John was a simpleton. He never had ill thoughts in his mind.

One day on his way home, he found a gold coin. He picked it up and wondered, "What am I getting to do with it?"

He sat by the river and began dreaming about all the items he could buy with that gold coin.

"l can purchase a hen and sell eggs within the market,"

John thought. "With all that cash, I should be able to be able to buy even more hens."

John's imagination had no limits.

"Very soon ready to I should be able to be able to open my own poultry farm,"

John's Poultry Farm

John continued day dreaming. "I am going to be ready to sell chicken meat once I have numerous hens. I will have the biggest chicken meat farm. Everybody will want to shop for fresh chicken meat and eggs from my poultry."

John built a castle on dreams based on that one gold coin.

"l will even start a little cafe and serve the foremost delicious Chicken pie along with scrambled eggs. Even the king will visit my cafe and praise the deliciousness of my chicken pie."

By now, John was lost in his deep slumber.

He dreamt, "The king will reward me for the delicious pie and greet with me."

In his sleep John moved his hand thinking he was shaking hands with the king, and dropped the coin.

A thief was passing by and saw John sleeping.

He picked up the gold coin, took his bag and fled. After a short time John awakened only to understand he was robbed.

"Oh dear! What happened? what is going to happen to my cafe now?" rued John.
Poor John went home empty handed.

Moral: Never be so careless and so straight that you get robbed of your own dreams, or cannot take care of yourself.

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