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Moral stories

Lazy Donkey

Lazy Donkey

There lived a washerrnan who had a lazy donkey. Whenever Ramu called the donkey he pretended to be sick. Ramu was fed up of his donkey. One day Ramu had to take a heap of clothes to the river to wash. The donkey knew that Ramu would load the clothes, so he escaped from the courtyard. Then the donkey went to a lonely place and slept under a mango tree.

Suddenly dust storm blew so hard mango hit donkey's head. Startled he sat up to see what was happening He looked around and dust got into the eyes. Then he to go back home to save from storm but he was afraid of Ramu's beating. Will great difficulty he walked back. When Rarnu saw the donkey, he patted his back and said,"Ah, you are back! l was so worried!" " Dhenchu! Dhenchu!" the donkey brayed happily and decided never to be lazy again.

MORAL :We should not be lazy in doing our work.

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