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Moral stories

One Should Be Grounded

One Should Be Grounded

Jane was a sensible, confident and arguably the most beautiful girl in her class. She was always very pleased with herself "I always get A+ in my tests," announced Jane.

All the pupils within the class wanted to be friends with Jane due to her popularity.

Sonya was new in school. Jane didn't like her. Hence, nobody spoke or played with Sonya. Sonya was an all-rounder. But achievements never got into her head. One fine morning, the teacher announced, "Let's have a contest today. Whoever comes first, wins a prize. It will be a multiple skill testing contest".

Moral Story - One Should Be Grounded

Now Sonya was home-schooled in South Africa. Not only had she deep knowledge on all the subjects, but also she had camped in the wild, faced wild animals together with her father, rode horses, dived in a lake, etc. She had seen and learnt what nobody else had in her class, with firsthand experience.

Sonya thought to herself, "l need to teach Jane a lesson."

In mental math test, Sonya gave all the right answers and came first. She drew a picturesque landscape and came first within the drawing competition. In oral competition, Sonya recited from the famous Shakespeare's play.

The teacher was very impressed and said, "That was just brilliant Sonya. Class, we've a winner. She is Sonya!"

The entire class applauded at Sonya's victory and congratulated her. Everybody befriended Sonya and Jane learnt her lesson. "I am pitying being mean and selfish," Jane thought.

Jane corrected her attitude, apologized to Sonya and have become friends together with her.

Moral: regardless of how big your achievements are, you always should be humble and grounded.