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Moral stories

Selfish Ray

Selfish Ray

Ray was a naughty little boy. But he was smart and intelligent. He always came first in school, would never lose a race, or a game of chess. He was so pleased with himself that he would always refuse to assist others. Whenever he was asked for help or favors, he would refuse.

"Ray, are you able to please attend the market and buy some eggs?" asked his mother.

Ray gave an excuse and denied, "Sorry mother. I would be busy with my homework."

Selfish Ray - Moral Story

A friend of Ray wanted his help one day and asked, "Please help me solve this math problem."

"You must use your brain and solve it yourself," replied the arrogant Ray.

Only one thing mattered to Ray. His precious pen! He thought it had been his lucky pen.

One day Ray lost that pen, and he had a test subsequent day.

Worried Ray looked everywhere for the pen, but couldn't find it. Helplessly, he went to his mother for her help and asked, "Mother! I lost my lucky pen! Please help me find it. I even have a test tomorrow."

The mother knew Ray had to be taught a lesson. She ignored his request and said, "I'm sorry son. i'm going out with Aunty Christine. I would be busy."

With tears rolling down his eyes, Ray visited his ally for help, "l have lost my pen. it's my lucky pen. I cannot write the test without it. Please help me find it."

"I'm sorry Ray. I have to revise for tomorrow's test, would not have the time to waste" his friend replied.

Ray sat at his desk, crying his eyes out, when his mother walked in to offer his lucky pen to him.

"l found it under the sofa, within the drawing room," said the mother.

"Oh many many thanks mother! thanks such a million!" said Ray. And thus, Ray learnt his lesson, the hard way.

After that day, Ray helped everyone when possible for him.

Moral: You should try to help others when you can

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