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Moral stories

The cat Scan

the cat scan

one day, Rickyts dog got seriously ill. The dog pretended to be very ill as he was fed up of performing daily tasks and wanted to rest for a few days. Ricky took the dog to the veterinary doctor. The doctor examined the dog and declared that the dog was well. Ricky doubted, “If the dog is well, why is he not able to perform his task?" The doctor said, “Give him this medicine and bring it tomorrow again. ” Ricky did as the doctor asked.

Next day, Ricky took the dog to the doctor. The doctor asked his assistant to bring a cat. The cat sniffed the dog and went to the other room without any reaction. The dog did not give any reaction; the doctor brought the cat again. This time the cat bit dog's tail, the dog got angry and pounced on the cat. Ricky smiled on seeing his dog back to normal. Ricky thanked the doctor and went back home happily with his dog.

MORAL :No one can let its prey escape.