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Moral stories

The Cow and the Tiger

The Cow and the Tiger - a moral story

The cow and the tiger

Long time ago, there lived four cows in a jungle. They were best friends. They always grazed together and saved each other in danger. Due to this unity, even the tigers and lions could not kill and eat them. A lion had indeed an eye upon these cows. But he could never find the right opportunity to make them his prey. One day, the cows had a fight among themselves. Each one grazed separately her own way. The lion and the tiger got to know about the fight of the cows. So, they planned to trick all the cows. One day, lion and the tiger found the right opportunity to attack them. So, they hid themselves behind the bushes and waited for the lonely cow. When a lonely cow came closer to the bushes, they pounced upon her and kill her for his meals. In this way, all the four cows were killed one by one by them .

However, in different a vast savannah, there were four cows named Tara, Meera, Gauri, and Leela. These cows were not only friends but also wise and compassionate beings. They understood the importance of unity and strength, and they lived harmoniously with each other.

One day, as the cows grazed peacefully in the grasslands, they noticed a fierce and fearsome tiger named Vikram and a mighty lion named Simha. The tiger and the lion were known for their territorial nature and their constant rivalry over hunting grounds.

The cows had heard stories of the tiger and the lion's fierce battles, causing fear among the other animals. But rather than succumbing to fear, the four cows decided to do something remarkable.

Tara, the eldest and wisest cow, called a meeting with her friends. She said, "My dear friends, we have witnessed the enmity between Vikram the tiger and Simha the lion. They are both powerful adversaries, and their constant fighting brings turmoil to this savannah. I believe it is within our capacity to bring about a positive change."

Meera, the gentle and compassionate cow, agreed. "You are right, Tara. Instead of being passive observers, let us use our unity and strength to create peace and harmony in the savannah. Together, we can be a force to reckon with."

Gauri, known for her courage, added, "I am willing to stand by your side, Tara. Our collective strength can overcome their hostility and show them the power of unity."

Leela, the youngest of the group, chimed in, "Count me in too! Let's show everyone that even cows can bring about positive change."

And so, the four cows devised a plan. They approached Vikram and Simha and, with humility and respect, requested a meeting to discuss the constant feud between them. Surprised by the cows' initiative, the tiger and the lion agreed to hear them out.

Tara, Meera, Gauri, and Leela spoke with eloquence and reason. They explained how their constant fighting was disrupting the harmony of the savannah and harming other innocent animals. They urged Vikram and Simha to set aside their differences and work together to protect their home from external threats.

At first, Vikram and Simha were skeptical, but the cows' earnestness and determination touched their hearts. They realized that the cows were wise and sincere beings, and their words resonated with truth.

In an unprecedented act, Vikram and Simha decided to put their differences aside and form an alliance. They pledged to protect the savannah together, ensuring the safety of all its inhabitants.

The cows' efforts were not in vain. The unity of Vikram, Simha, Tara, Meera, Gauri, and Leela created a new era of peace and prosperity in the savannah. The other animals witnessed the power of unity and strength, and harmony prevailed in the land.

Moral: The moral of this story is that unity and strength can overcome even the most formidable challenges. When individuals come together with sincerity, compassion, and a shared vision, they can bring about positive change and create a world where peace and harmony thrive.