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Moral stories

The Cow’s Bell

The Cow’s Bell

Henry, the young peasant-boy, was guarding the herd of cows in the woods. Each cow had a bell around his neck and the most beautiful cow had the best bell.

One day a stranger passed through the woods and looked the herd of cows. He went to Henry and asked to give him a bell from one of his cow. Henry agreed and took forty bucks in return. Now the cow did not have the bell. The stranger wanted to steal the cow. Then the cow went off into the woods and the stranger took it by the horns and led it away.

Just then Henry realised that the cow was missing and he could not trace it. So, he went back home crying and narrated the story to his father. His father said: "In the same way as that thief has deceived you, so the pleasures of sin try to deceive us all. If we give in just a little it wants everything." Henry felt ashamed for having greed for money and promised not to do such a mistake ever again.

MORAL :Make new friends but keep the old. The one is sliver, the older gold.

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