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Moral stories

The Dog and the Donkey

The dog and the Donkey

In a sunny village lived a farmer who owned a loyal dog named Sparky and a strong donkey named Bruno. Sparky, with his wagging tail and playful barks, would greet the farmer whenever he returned home, earning him pats and delicious scraps. Bruno, on the other hand, spent his days carrying heavy loads, earning only a tired pat on the flank.

One evening, watching Sparky receive his rewards, Bruno grumbled, "That pup has it easy! All he does is bark and get treats. I do all the hard work and get nothing!" Envy gnawed at him, whispering tempting thoughts.

The next morning, as the farmer prepared to leave, Bruno staged his plan. When Sparky barked his usual greeting, Bruno let out an ear-splitting bray, trying to mimic the dog's happy yaps. The farmer, startled and confused, frowned at Bruno's performance. He returned to his work, ignoring the braying donkey.

Throughout the day, Bruno continued his charade, hoping for a pat or a treat. But his clumsy attempts at playfulness only got him shooed away. By evening, exhausted and dejected, he saw Sparky receiving his usual warm welcome. Shame filled Bruno's heart as he realized his mistake.

The next morning, Bruno did not bray. He focused on his task, carrying the load strong and steady. When the farmer returned, he saw Bruno's work and nodded in appreciation. "Good job, Bruno," he said, giving him a gentle pat. Though it wasn't a shower of treats, Bruno felt a warmth within him, the warmth of recognition for a job well done.

From that day on, Bruno embraced his own role. He no longer longed for Sparky's rewards. He understood that each creature has its own purpose, and doing it well brings its own unique satisfaction. Sparky, ever the playful one, continued to welcome the farmer with barks, and the two animals lived in harmony, each valued for their own contributions.

Moral: Comparing yourself to others will only breed envy and dissatisfaction.
Embrace your own strengths and find value in your unique role.
Hard work and dedication bring their own rewards, even if they look different from someone else's.

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