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Moral stories

The Dog Invited to Supper

The Dog Invited to  Supper

One day a gentleman invited his friend for dinner. In the night, the friend came with his dog. The gentleman's dog met the friend's dog and said, "Come, have dinner with us tonight." The friend's dog was delighted with the invitation. Today is good luck as I shall party tonight, or I may have nothing to eat tomorrow. As he said this to himself, he wagged his tail and went inside. But his tail wagging caught the cook's eye. He picked up the dog with the legs and threw him out of the window to the street below. When the dog reached the ground, he set off yelping down the street. The street dogs ran up to him and asked, “How was the supper tonight?” "In faith," said the dog, with a sorry smile, "l hardly know, for we drank so deeply that I can't even tell you which way I got out".

MORAL :Those who enter by the back stairs must not complain of they are thrown out by the window.

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