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Moral stories

The Dog with Many Friends

The Dog with Many Friends

There lived a dog that was very popular with the other animals who all claimed to be his friends. One day, he heard that wild dogs are approaching. He thought to escape from the place by the aid of his many friends. So, he went to the horse, and asked, “Will you carry me away from this place on your back.” But the horse declined, stating that he has important work to do for his master.

Then the dog went to the bull and asked for help. The bull replied, "I am very sorry, but I have to work for my master” but I feel sure that our friend the goat will do what you want." The dog Went to the goat and he also refused. The dog thought about the ram and went to him. The ram replied, "Another time, my dear friend. I do not like to interfere on the present occasion, as it could be fearful for me to face the wild dogs." By this time the wild dogs had entered the farm. The dog took courage himself and luckily escaped.

MORAL :: He that has many friends has no friends.

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