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Moral stories

The Giraffe Who Couldn’t Reach

The Giraffe Who Couldn’t Reach

TThere lived a giraffe. He was the tallest giraffe that anyone had ever seen. He was proud of his height. The monkeys were very annoyed with giraffe's behaviour. One young monkey thought to teach the giraffe a lesson.

One day he said to the giraffe, “There's some lovely juicy fruit growing on that tree, but you wouldn't be able to reach it ” The giraffe said, “lt is impossible. Just watch me.” Then the giraffe reared up its long neck, and put out the tongue, but the fruit was just out of reach. “I said you couldn't reach it,” said the monkey. “But I can.” Suddenly, the monkey jumped on to the giraffe's back and scrambled up his neck. Then he stretched out his long arm and picked the fruit. The monkey said, “We could not do it alone, but we can do it together.” And after that, the tallest giraffe didn't boast any m o r e , a n d it became best friend of monkey .

MORAL :We should not underestimate others.

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