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Moral stories

The Mighty Fish

The Mighty Fish

A long time ago, there lived a fish in a lake who always thought about the well-beings of the others. Once there was a terrible drought that made the lake dry. Due to this many creatures living in the lake lost their lives. The fish lay buried under the mud along with some other creatures. Soon theyl became the prey of the birds and beasts. Seeing this, the fish thought to do something to save itself and the other creatures.

The fish tried hard and came out on the surface. There is performed the solemn Act of Truth. I-Ie called upon the God and prayed, “O Lord! Pardon our sins. Please sendrain and relieve all the creatures from this misery.” He prayed truly from the heart that the God accepted the fish's pray. and sent heavy rains to the earth. Hence, the fish and the other creatures were saved.

MORAL :God Listens to the true praters done from the heart with good intentions.