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Moral stories

The Monkey and Man

The Monkey and Man

There lived a rich, greedy man who never gave alms to the poor. He had a monkey which he wanted to sell at a higher price than what it had cost him.

One day the man had gone out to do some business. The monkey was left alone in the house. He came across a case full of gold and opened it. As he saw coins, he began to throw the contents out of the window. Many passersby, seeing all the riches, began to form a crowd and everyone was doing his best to get as much as they could. When the man returned, the case was empty. He realised what had happened and sat at a corner sadly. "That horrible, detestable, stupid animal!" he shouted, “but it was not much use as the monkey did not understand him in any case.” Then his neighbour said to him, “Keep quiet! Certainly it is very foolish to throw money out of the window as your monkey did, but it is much than keeping it locked up in a case as you did and make no use of it whatever.

MORAL :The miser for another collects his bag of money, the bees laboriously pack, but taste the honey.

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