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Moral stories

The Monkey and the Crocodile

The Monkey and the Crocodile

One day Mother Crocodile asked her son to get her the heart of the monkey. The son agreed and headed towards the river. He reached the shore of the river and called out, Hello, monkey! The on the island are ripe. Would you like to have them?” The monkey's mouth watered and it asked the crocodile to it there. There the monkey sat on the crocodile's back and they moved to the island. After crossing half the way the crocodile said to the monkey, “I fooled you, my friend. My mother wants to have your heart and I am taking you to her.” The monkey got afraid, but it replied coolly, “Ohl I have left my heart in the tree. Let's go back and get the heart.” The foolish crocodile felt into the trap of the monkey. As they reached back, the monkey the tree. The crocodile felt bad and went home empty handed.

MORAL :We should coolly and cleverly in times of problems.


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