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Moral stories

The Nest of Magpie

the nest of magpie

The magpie builds the most comfortable and beautiful nests on the world. So , one day all the other birds asked him to teach them how to make really good nests. The magpie agreed.

He said, “Firstly,take some mud and make a sort of round shape.” “oh, that’s it!” cried the thrush and he flew away. Since then the thrushes are building their nests in that way.

Then the magpie continued, “Next, take some twigs and arrange them around the mud.” “So that’s it” exclaimed the blackbird and he left . In that way the blackbirds are building their nests even today.

So it wnt on, every bird taking away a little piece of the knowledge but none of them remained there until the end. The magpiewent on working without looking up, but when he saw that nobody is there he got angry and flew away. He never again showed the others how to build nests.

MORAL :It is wise to wait the end to get to know everything.

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