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Moral stories

The Wolf and the Lamb - Moral Story

The Wolf and the Lamb

The wolf and the lamb

Once upon a time, in a serene meadow nestled between rolling hills, a clever and hungry wolf roamed in search of a meal. His sharp eyes caught sight of a tender and innocent lamb grazing peacefully by the sparkling stream.

Driven by his predatory instincts, the wolf crept silently towards the lamb, his mouth watering at the thought of a delicious feast. As he approached, he could hear the lamb singing a sweet melody, completely unaware of the impending danger.

The wolf decided to take advantage of the lamb's innocence and concocted a deceitful plan. "Good day, dear lamb," said the wolf, feigning a friendly tone. "Why are you disturbing the water that flows downstream? It is muddying the water for me and the other animals who drink from this stream."

The lamb, with a gentle smile, replied, "Oh, wise wolf, I apologize if my presence is causing any inconvenience. I stand downstream, and thus, I cannot muddy the water for you. In fact, you are upstream from me."

The wolf, not expecting such a logical response, grew frustrated. He realized that his initial ruse did not work as planned. In his hunger and desperation, he decided to accuse the lamb of an entirely different offense.

"Well then," snapped the wolf, "you must have insulted me and my family last year! How dare you disrespect us?"

The lamb was taken aback and replied in a trembling voice, "Oh noble wolf, I am but a young lamb, and I wasn't even born last year. It is impossible for me to have insulted you or your family."

The wolf, unwilling to admit his wrongdoing, growled angrily, "You must pay for your sins, and there is no escaping your fate!"

With that, the wolf lunged at the innocent lamb and devoured it in a single gulp. The meadow fell silent, and a dark cloud of sadness hung over the once serene place.

Moral:The moral of this tragic story is that sometimes, in the face of cruelty and injustice, innocence alone may not be enough to escape harm. In a world where some predators act without reason or conscience, it is essential to be vigilant and cautious, seeking safety and support in the face of danger. The story also serves as a cautionary tale about the harsh realities of the natural world, where survival can sometimes be determined by strength rather than innocence.

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