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Cats are just as pleasing to the eye and just as wonderful pets as any other breeds, and some have the added appeal of looking absolutely 'wild'! Their look may be 'wild', but they are definitely very tame.

Let's take a closer look at some of these fantastic cats.

Types of breeds of cats

Havana Brown has the distinction of being a chocolate colored cat. The Manx, is Another short-hair, has the unique characteristic of a naturally bobbed tail.

Burmese cats have large, expressive eyes. Their coats have a satiny texture that requires little grooming. For their size the Burmese is surprisingly heavy and they have been described as 'bricks wrapped in silk'. In the show rings the body type of the Burmese cat is compact with a rounded head.
Burmese cats make loving pets, exhibiting a dog-like devotion to their people.

The Bengal cat can be either spotted or marbled and must have spotting on the belly. They can be one of four different color combinations... brown tabby, seal lynx point, seal sepia tabby, or seal mink tabby. They are a medium to large cat, very sleek and muscular.

The Havana Brown is a 'chocolate' cat. Just that... having a beautifully shiny solid mahogany-toned brown coat. The other distinct feature of the Havana Brown is the shape of its' head, which is longer than it is wide with a definite whisker break and a strong square chin. The eyes of the Havana Brown are expressive large green ovals and they are positioned lower on the head than other breeds. Havana Browns are lithe medium sized muscular cats with the mature males weighing about 8-10 pounds.
Havana Brown has got its' name from a rabbit of the same color, but most fans of the breed like to think that the object of their adoration was named after a fine brown Havana cigar.

'Ocicat'is almost like a small wild cat found in southern North America and South America). it's a beautiful spotted cat.Ocicats are as devoted to people as they are exotic looking. Adult males can weigh up to 18 pounds. Ocicats are bright and easy to train, and they have no particular health problems due in large part to their extensive genetic background.

The Siamese, 'people' cat, was first officially exported from Thailand (Siam at the time) in the late 1800's . They were a gift from Siam to an English ambassador. Almost immediately they began appearing in English cat shows, and then in American cat shows. The other color combination is the lilac point which combines a white body with pinkish gray points.
Aside from the distinct color of this breed, the body structure is a study in length... an elongated muscular tubular body on long graceful legs with a long whip of a tail. The Siamese head is long and wedge shaped (straight in profile) sitting atop a long graceful neck. The most arresting feature of the Siamese cat are the blue almond shaped eyes, widely spaced and slanted. The eyes of the Siamese cat are second to none in that they exude intelligence and emotion like no other. One other feature that sets this breed apart is the Siamese voice... at times they almost seem to be trying to talk with their plaintive vocalizations.

As Pets...

IT'S GOOD! A cat can keep you company while you read or watch TV. Many even prove quite playful, plus they purr when they're happy.

Why it's not that good: They make their own rules and are very moody with loads of attitudes. Nearly all cats are more aloof than dogs. That means they don't always come when you call them or play with you when you want. Some people are allergic.

Requirements: Cats must be fed daily. You don't need to let them outside to poop, since they use a litter box. But you do need to scoop the litter box out daily and clean it weekly. Longhaired cats need to be brushed regularly. You'll probably need help clipping your cat's nails. If you must travel, your cat can look after itself for a couple of days, as long as it has plenty of food and water. Don't forget spaying or neutering.

COST for a Cat: It can cost from free, for a shelter cat), to $75 to $500 for a purebred; annual cost: $300 to $400, depending on types of food and litter.

In the end Cats make a wonderful pet. It's a favorite for everyone, whether you are young or old, you would simply love to have a 'bundle of fur' cuddling up to you to get your attention. They will give you enough space to live your own life. The chances of a cat becoming your best friend is more if you have a can of sardine and milk around!!!

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