Poem: The Flying Orange

The Flying Orange

In a land far away, there lived an orange,
A fruit like no other, with a talent so strange.
For this orange could fly, yes it's true,
With wings of its own, it soared and it flew.

Its zest was its fuel, its pulp was its heart,
As it soared through the skies, it never fell apart.
The birds and the bees, they all wondered why,
This fruit could fly, and reach for the sky.

It flew over oceans, it flew over trees,
It flew over mountains, with such ease.
Its journey was long, but it never did tire,
As it fulfilled its destiny, with a burning desire.

The orange who could fly, was a sight to behold,
Its colors so bright, and its story so bold.
For it showed us that even the smallest can rise,
And touch the stars, up in the skies.

So let us remember this orange so grand,
Who showed us that anything is possible if we take a stand.
For with wings of our own, we too can soar,
And achieve greatness, forevermore.

* * *

The Flying Orange - a poem for kids

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