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Short Stories for Kids

Short Stories For Kids with Moral

Welcome to our captivating world of short stories for kids with morals! We believe that storytelling is a timeless art that sparks the imagination and leaves a lasting impact on young minds. Within these digital pages, you'll find an enchanting collection of tales that are not only entertaining but also carry profound life lessons and morals.

Our handpicked stories are carefully crafted to engage children of all ages, igniting their curiosity and encouraging them to explore the values that shape their character. From brave adventurers overcoming challenges to kind-hearted animals teaching the importance of compassion, each narrative is a treasure trove of wisdom waiting to be uncovered.

Parents, teachers, and storytellers alike will discover a wealth of inspiration in these pages, as we seek to foster empathy, resilience, and a sense of responsibility in the next generation. Whether shared as bedtime tales or integrated into educational settings, these stories will leave an indelible mark on young hearts, guiding them towards becoming compassionate, thoughtful, and confident individuals.

So, embark on this wondrous journey with us, where imagination and life's essential lessons come together to weave stories that will stay with your little ones for a lifetime. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with magic, morals, and boundless possibilities! Let the storytelling commence!

Free Short Stories in English for Kids

These short stories have been hand picked from different cultures from around the world, and are an absolute reading treat for kids. They also come with moral lessons. Some of these are humorous, some inspiring, while some are love stories. We also have selection from Greek mythology, Irish tales, stories from Buddha or Hitopodesh, stories from the Bible, Indian mythological stories, Panchatantra, and even video and audio stories. Short moral stories are very quick way to teach your kid.

Short story - The Donkey On Wheels The Donkey On Wheels
Short story - The Boy and Little Great Lady The Boy and Little Great Lady
Short story - The Light On The Hills The Light On The Hills
Short story - Writing A Book Writing A Book
Short story - In The Moonlight In The Moonlight
Short story - Over The Porridge Over The Porridge
Short story - The Proud Boy The Proud Boy
Short story - Midsummer Night Midsummer Night
Short story - The Kite The Kite
Short story - Tommy Tommy
Short story -The Siege of Berlin The Siege of Berlin
On the Way to the Sun - kids story On the Way to the Sun
Friends - kids short stories Friends
The Frog Prince The Frog Prince
The story of Bad Girl for children The Bad Girl
Story of Lenny the Flying Inventor Lenny the Flying Inventor
Bill and the Boom Box Rocket Bill and the Boom Box Rocket
High and Lifted Up High and Lifted Up
The Donkey's Shadow The Donkey's Shadow
the hungry mouse The Hungry Mouse
The Crooked Hyena The Crooked Hyena
The Donkey and The Little Dog - kids story The Donkey and The Little Dog
The Banker and The Pauper The Banker and The Pauper
The Wolf Plays The Flute For The Clever Lamb The Wolf Plays The Flute For The Clever Lamb
Bedtime story for kids - The Two Frogs The Two Frogs
The story of Two goats Two Goats
love and time Love and Time
Classic Stories Classic Stories
the stone cutter The Stone Cutter
The Magic of Mushkil Gusha The Magic of Mushkil Gusha