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Importance of Guru

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Importance of Guru

According to a mythological story, Indra, the king of gods, after defeating the devils, Lord Indra enjoying the luxuries and comfort of heavenwas enjoying the luxuries and comforts of heaven. Beautiful apsaras (heavenly dancers) were dancing to the tune of music in the court of Indra. Somras (divine liquor) was also being served to the gods. All the gods were intoxicated and enjoying the victory over the devils.

While they were busy enjoying, Guru Brihaspati entered the court but the gods failed to notice him and did not pay any attention or respect to him.

Hurt by the behavior of the gods, Guru Brihaspati became very sad. He felt that their victory over the demons had gone into their heads, and now they were going astray. He felt insulted. He thought, 'There was no difference left between the devils and the gods.' He pondered further, 'It is shameful to be the guru of such gods.' He immediately came out of Indra's court.

After some time, when the assembly of gods was over, they came out of intoxication and realized their fault that their guru had visited them and they were unable to pay due respect to him. Indra confessed, 'Whatever we have got today is due to the blessings of Guru Brihaspati, and now we have insulted him under intoxication. We should beg pardon from him.' He went to the residence of the guru but Guru Brihaspati was not there. Distressed by the gods' behavior, he had hidden himself somewhere. The gods made a thorough search for him, but could not find him anywhere.

On the other side, when Shukracharya, the guru of the devils, came to know that Guru Brihaspati was living in exile on being insulted by the gods, he advised the devils to take the advantage of the situation and attack the gods.

Acting on his advice, the devils attacked and defeated the gods badly. They had to run for their lives. They went to Lord Brahma and said, "Save us from the devils whose atrocities are increasing day by day."

Brahma said, "You yourselves have invited this trouble. You have insulted your guru, under whom you all were safe. Your false pride is the cause of all your troubles. Now only one way is left. Go to Acharya Vishwaroopa who is the son of Rishi Athvarna Twasta. Only he can protect you at this moment."

As per the directions of Lord Brahma, all the gods went to Acharya Vishwaroopa and narrated all that had happened with them. They further requested the Acharya to protect them from the devils.

Acharya said, "O king of gods! You have insulted your guru. Tomorrow when you will gain your lost kingdom, you will insult me as well. I have no faith in you."

The king of gods assured the Acharya and said, "We have already learnt a lesson and now we shall never repeat the same mistake. Please help us."

The repeated request of Indra compelled the Acharya to think again and finally heAcharya Vishwaroopa decided to help them. He used his powers to help the gods defeat the demons and regain their lost paradise.

The king of gods was very happy to defeat the devils. He decided to celebrate the victory with great pomp and show. So he requested the Acharya to perform the yajna of victory.

Acharya said, "It would be better to go to Guru Brihaspati and beg pardon for your mistake. Your guru is above all, irrespective of your status. Pay due respect to your guru sages and brahamins."

Indra realized his mistake and promised not to repeat the same in future.