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Bedtime stories for kids

Famous Bedtime Stories for Kids | Bedtime Stories for Free

Welcome to our enchanting world of free bedtime stories for kids! We believe that every child deserves a magical journey to dreamland, filled with delightful characters, thrilling adventures, and valuable life lessons. Our online collection of bedtime stories is here to transport your little ones to captivating realms, igniting their imagination and fostering a love for reading.

With our easy-to-navigate website, you can explore our extensive collection, browse through various genres, and choose from an array of beautifully illustrated stories. Immerse yourself in the vibrant illustrations, engage with the rich narrative, and embark on extraordinary adventures with your child as you read together before bedtime.

So, snuggle up, tuck your little ones in, and let our enchanting tales weave their magic. Get ready for a bedtime routine that inspires, educates, and ignites the spark of imagination. Join us on this extraordinary journey and create precious memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Start exploring our treasure trove of free bedtime stories for kids now and embark on an unforgettable adventure every night!

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Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids To Read

Bedtime stories for kids and some of them are funny as well, to perk up the mood of juniors, before going to sleep. These free bed time stories are the most famous world over, and are tried and tested. Now, do not fall short of content, use these stories and help everyone have a good night sleep. These are stories of the simple and the fantastical, the city rat and the village rat, a wise parrot and what not? Let these bedtime stories transport you to lands of mystery and fantasy, to countries where nothing is impossible. If you like these amazing stories from kidsgen, sgare them with your friends and loved ones through WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Below follows our vast collection of short and famous bedtime stories for you and your child to enjoy.

The Miller's MouseThe Miller's Mouse
The Old Rocking HorseThe Old Rocking Horse
The Message of the LilyThe Message of the Lily
Water-Lily's MissionWater-Lily's Mission
A City Rat And A Village Rat A City Rat And A Village Rat
A Wise ParrotA Wise Parrot
A Wolf And Seven LambsA Wolf And Seven Lambs
Commencement of A New LifeCommencement of A New Life
Destiny's KnockDestiny's Knock
Evil Has An Evil EndEvil Has An Evil End
Importance of A GuruImportance of A Guru
laughter of A FishLaughter of A Fish
Meethu And KauraMeethu And Kaura
Posetive And Negetive ThinkingPositive And Negative Thinking
Crop Belongs To Owner of FieldCrop Belongs To Owner of Field
The Victory of A SonThe Victory of A Son
A Talkative BarberA Talkative Barber
Desire For HookahDesire For Hookah
Frog Changed to PrinceFrog Changed to Prince
Reunion of A CoupleReunion of A Couple
Save YourselfSave Yourself
The Fruit of HumblenessThe Fruit of Humbleness
Importance of HardworkImportance of Hardwork
The Most Dangerous CreatureThe Most Dangerous Creature
The Result of CunningnessThe Result of Cunningness
Three WisesThree Wishes
THE LAKE OF MURAThe Lake of Mura
THE REAL OWNER OF THE BULLSThe Real Owner of The Bulls
WATER IN DESERTWater In The Desert