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The Fruit of Humbleness

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The Fruit of Humbleness

Raghav carrying out the responsbilityOnce upon a time there was a poor person named Raghav. He was so poor that he never thought of marriage and carrying out the responsibility of a family. He never worked permanently at one place. Whatever work he got, he did wholeheartedly. He never negotiated for the wages and was happy with the remuneration he got. This was the reason that there was no shortage of work for him. People always preferred to call Raghav for their work.

Sometimes odd jobs were also given to Raghav, such as cutting wood for fire, washing clothes and bathing animals. This way Raghav remained busy all the time.

In the evening, before coming back to his house, Raghav used to take a bath in the river and visit the temple every day.

One day, Raghav felt that the god was a bit perturbed and was starting sadly at him. He thought, 'Either the god is tired, or he is unable to tolerate the smoke of the incense sticks or can't bear the load of the garlands.'

Then, he said to the god with folded hands, "Oh god, it appears that you are tired. Come with me to my house. I will serve you delicious food."

The god smiled at the simplicity and innocence of Raghav.

Raghav was surprised to see the god smiling. Meanwhile, the god spoke out, "Go home and prepare food for me. Then come here to take me with you."

Raghav felt great that despite the crowd in the temple, the god only spoke to him.

Now Raghav went home quickly and prepared food for the god as well as for himself.Raghav prepared food for god nad himself Thereafter, he felt for the temple to bring the god to his house for the meal.

Raghav had hardly gone a few yards when an old man called him and said, "My son! I am hungry. I have not eaten for two days. Will you kindly give me some food?" Raghav said, "Why not? Come with me."

He took the old man to his house and served him food. Having eaten, the old man blessed him and left.

Now Raghav again rushed to invite the god but an old lady called him from behind and said, "I am very hungry. Will you please give me some food?" Raghav felt pity for her and said, "Please come with me."

He took the old lady to his house and served her food. After the meal, she thanked him and went away.

Thereafter, Raghav again rushed to the temple to bring the god to his house. But this time a child came across him. He said to Raghav, "I am hungry. I have not eaten anything since morning."

Though Raghav was in a hurry, he took the boy to his house and gave him food. The boy thanked him and said that he was an orphan and always had to beg for food. He further said that he had no place to live.

Raghav felt pity for him and offered him his house to live in. He said to the boy, "Come to my house again tomorrow and I will give you nice food."

The boy nodded his head and went away. Then, Raghav again proceeded to the temple to bring the god for food. On reaching, he stood in front of the statue of the god and said with his eyes closed, "Oh god! I am sorry for coming late." The god said, "But you have already given me food."

Raghav was surprised and asked, "Oh God! When did I serve you food? I am unable to recollect."

The god said to him, "Did you not serve two old people and a boy with food at your home? By feeding them, you have in fact served me. I am very happy with you." At this, Raghav said to the god, "But you had promised me that you would come to my house?"

To this, the god said, "All right. Go to your house and I will be there soon."As soon as Raghav reached his house, he saw a sharp beam of light entering his house and the next moment, the god appeared there. Raghav said to god, "Now I am very happy that you came to my house. Please be seated. Since there is no food left, I will bring fruits for you." After taking fruits, the god blessed Raghav. Raghav fell on his feet and bade goodbye to him. The god disappeared. Raghav felt proud on having served his god at home. It was the happiest day of his life.

On the other hand, when the landlord of the village came to know that the god came to the house of Raghav, he felt jealous of him. He thought, "I have invested a lot of money in constructing the temple. But the god has never come to my house, nor ever talked to me." So he reached the temple and said to the god, "You have never come to my house. I am requesting you to come." The god said, "My son, go to your house and prepare food for me. I will come to your house." The landlord went to his house and ordered different food items to be prepared. Then he rushed to bring the god home. On the way, he met an old man who begged him for food. But the landlord got angry and scolded him. Then he met an old woman who also begged for food but he ignored her as well. He told her to move aside as he was in a hurry. He kept grumbling about the poor and beggars, "I do not know from where all these people have come."

After some time a small boy approached him and begged for food. But the landlord pushed the boy aside and rushed to the temple.

On reaching there, he requested the god with folded hands and closed eyes, "Oh god, food is ready. I have come to take you my home. Please come with me."

The god said, "I had gone to your house but you did not welcome me. First I was there as an old man, then as an old woman and then as a boy. But you behaved very rudely." Then the god disappeared.

The landlord felt sorry for his behavior. He realized his fault and took a pledge not to behave rudely with anyone in future. Since then he became a kind person.