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The Result of Cunningness

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The Result of Cunningness

Once there lived a sadhu on the bank of the river Ganga. He had pledged to silence. That is why he had to convey his messages and ideas by sign language. He had many pupil to follow him. sadhu forgot his pledge for saw the beauty of the girl

One day, he reached the house of Ganesh Vaish for alms. A beautiful girl came out to give alms. The sadhu was so enchanted to see her beauty that he even forgot his pledge. He spoke out, "What a beauty!" But the very next moment he realised his mistake and rushed back to his place.

But Ganesh, the farther of the girl saw him speaking something. He went to the sadhu and asked, "Baba! You are under the pledge of silence, but you uttered some words today at my house?" The sadhu was very cunning. He said, "Your daughter is responsible for breaking my silence." Ganesh asked again, "How is my daughter responsible for that?"

The sadhu said, "Troubles are coming to you. The girl will bring misfortune. If you get her married, you will be destroyed." Ganesh became nervous and asked for the remedy. He promised to do whatever the Sadhu would ask him to do.

The hypocrite Sadhu thought for a while and said, "Put your daughter into a big wooden box and set it to float in the river with an earthen lamp lit over it. This way you will always be happy in your life."

The selfish and orthodox father was ready to sacrifice his daughter. He did as he had been told by the Sadhu despite his daughter’s protest.

On the other side, the Sadhu had directed his pupil to bring the box to him without opening it. when the wooden box open, a beautiful girl was in it

Meanwhile, something strange happened which saved the life of the daughter. A prince who was strolling along the bank of the river saw the wooden box floating in it. He asked his men to take the box out. When the box was opened, all were surprised to see a beautiful girl in it. The prince asked her, "Who are you? What had happened with you." She told everything to the prince. The prince understood that she was a victim of the lust of a cunning Sadhu, who had tried to take advantage of a superstitious self-centred father. He decided to teach a lesson to the Sadhu. He asked his men to put a dangerous monkey into the box and set it afloat again in the river. Then, the prince married the daughter of Ganesh and took her to his palace.

When the box reached near the ashram, the pupil took it out and gave it to their guru, who directed them to leave and not to come till called. He clarified that he would be busy in meditation. All the pupil left, leaving their guru alone in his hut.sadhu open the box and a monkey jumped on him and bite

At midnight, the Sadhu opened the box; a monkey jumped out and bit him at several places. The Sadhu ran out of his hut and cried for help. His pupil rushed to save him from the monkey. At first, they felt pity for him, but when they came to know the reality, they laughed at him.