The Story of the Eleventh Doll

The Story of Eleventh Doll Trilochani (ग्यारहवीं गुड़िया त्रिलोचनी की कहानी)

On the eleventh day, King Bhoja moved toward the position of royalty by and by. Simply then the eleventh puppet showed up before him and began portraying another account of King Vikramaditya.

"Ruler Bhoja, my name is Trilochani. I served the ace of this position of royalty, King Vikramaditya, for quite a long while. I have seen his penance, austerity and liberality. Tune in to this anecdote about him and afterward choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this honored position or not."

And Trilochani began portraying the story.

Once, the holy people and sages of Ujjain prompted King Vikramaditya to play out a Mahayagna for the flourishing of his kingdom. Ruler Vikramaditya acknowledged the proposition, and after that the arrangements for the Mahayagna began. Researchers, holy people, sages and lords from everywhere throughout the world were welcomed in the Mahayagna. The brahmins exhorted the ruler to welcome Vayu, the God of Wind, and Varuna, the God of Sea. Vikramaditya loved the counsel of the brahmins and concluded that he would himself go to welcome them. Yet, the brahmins exhorted him that on the off chance that he went alone to welcome the two Gods, at that point it would require excessively investment. In this way, Vikramaditya chose to welcome Vayu himself, and send an educated researcher to welcome Varuna for his sake. At that point King Vikramaditya called his two betaals and stated, "I am sorting out a Mahayagna, and for that I need to welcome Vayu Dev however I don't have the foggiest idea where He lives. Would you be able to take me to His residence?"

"Definitely, we can," said the two betaals, and they took him to Sumer Mountain.

On the Sumer Mountain, it was cold and a nippy breeze was blowing. Ruler Vikramaditya sat on a hill and began ruminating. The speed of the breeze expanded, but he continued ruminating. Finally, the breeze halted and a cool wind began streaming.

Vayu showed up before King Vikramaditya and stated, "I am extremely satisfied by your commitment. Reveal to me what do you need from me?" King Vikramaditya offered his regards to Vayu and stated, "Vayu Dev, I am playing out a Mahayagna. I wish that you be my exceptional visitor."

"Child, this is absurd," said Vayu. I am available wherever in this universe. On the off chance that I go to your kingdom, everything including trees, creatures and individuals will bite the dust. Do you need this to occur?"

"No, My Lord," answered King Vikramaditya.

"At that point play out the Mahayagna. My favors are dependably with you. Your kingdom will dependably succeed and starvation or flood will never influence your kingdom. I am satisfied that you came here to welcome me. I am giving you a Kamdhenu Cow as a blessing. It will give you all that you need from it," said Vayu. Andthen, Vayu vanished.

In the meantime, the extraordinary researcher achieved the shoreline of an ocean subsequent to going for a few days. On coming to there, he slipped ocean and offered his petitions. Then he conjured Varuna. At last, the waves began twirling and Varuna showed up before the researcher.

With collapsed hands the researcher tended to Varuna, "Gracious Lord! I have come to welcome you to a Mahayagna for the benefit of King Vikramaditya."

Varuna grinned and stated, "Indeed, I know. Quite recently, Vayu visited me and gave me the news. My answer is same as Vayu's."

"What answer, Lord?" asked the researcher.

"In the event that I go to Ujjain, at that point all the world's water will likewise accompany me and the entire city will be deluged. In this way, it isn't directly for me to go there."

"At that point what would it be advisable for me to do my Lord? What are your requests for me?" asked the researcher.

"Go to Ujjain and tell King Vikramaditya that I have acknowledged his welcome. I am available in each drop of water, and furthermore in the water he will use in the Mahayagna. My gifts will dependably be there for him just as for his kingdom. I additionally need to introduce endowments to King Vikramaditya. Take these profitable pearls and this seahorse for him."

"However you see fit," the researcher and after that he left for Ujjain. He was strolling by holding the harness of the steed. All of a sudden, the steed said in human voice, "You are the representative of the ruler and you have the directly to utilize these blessings till they don't reach the king. Along these lines, ride me and I'll take you to Ujjain very soon."

The researcher rode the steed and achieved the royal residence. He gave Varuna's message toking Vikramaditya and furthermore given over the blessings to the researcher and stated, "You have completed a ton for me. Accept these endowments as a reward."
In the wake of portraying the story, Trilochani asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point given things like King Vikramaditya?"
Lord Bhoja had no response to the inquiry, so he came back to his castle.