The Story of the Twelfth Doll

The Story of Twelfth Doll Padmavati (बारहवीं गुड़िया पद्मावती की कहानी)

On the twelfth day, when King Bhoja came towards the royal position, the twelfth doll showed up.

"O King Bhoja, my name is Padmavati. Is it accurate to say that you are tolerant, gutsy, liberal and generous like King Vikramaditya? In the first place, tune in to an anecdote about him and after that choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of royalty or not."

Saying this, Padmavati began portraying the story to King Bhoja.

Ruler Vikramaditya went on a walk each night in his patio nursery after the day's worth of effort. At some point, when he was strolling in the greenery enclosure, he heard boisterous cries of a lady yelling for help. Promptly, he went into his royal residence, took his sword, sat on his horseback and rode towards the heading from where the cries were coming.

After some separation, he saw a lady crying. When he came to there, the lady tumbled to his feed and cried, "Please me from this brutal evil spirit. He will slaughter me."

"Try not to stress," said King Vikramaditya, "Nobody will hurt you."

All of a sudden, he saw an enormous evil presence coming towards them. The evil presence thundered, "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Would you be able to spare this lady? Try not to set out come in my direction, else you will likewise need to confront the outcomes." King Vikramaditya took his sword and stated, "She is presently under my assurance. In the event that you need to battle with me, at that point I am prepared for it."

Both began battling angrily. In no time flat, the evil spirit began tiring. Ruler Vikramaditya grabbed the chance and remove evil spirit's head.

Ruler Vikramaditya was amazed to see that when the evil presence's head tumbled to the ground, another devil rose4 from the blood of the first. The leader of the primary evil presence flew and got appended to his middle. Presently, both the evil spirits thundered and assaulted Vikramaditya. In any case, King Vikramaditya didn't lose boldness. He began battling them two.

While he was locked in with the main evil spirit, the second devil gave a solid hit to Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya lost his equalization, yet before long controlled himself. He assembled his quality and assaulted the second evil presence. Vikramaditya before long cut his arms and legs. The evil spirit fell on the ground and began moaning. At the point when the primary evil spirit saw that the second devil was down, he fled from that point.

The lady stated, "Gracious King, I am exceptionally appreciative to you, since you spared me from the unfeeling hands of that evil presence. Be that as it may, the evil presence is as yet alive. He has just fled from here. What's more, he will before long discover me and catch me."

"Try not to stress. For what reason is this evil presence after you?" asked Vikramaditya.

The lady answered, "I am the little girl of a brahmin and live on Singhal Island. At some point, I went to a lake to take bath. There, this devil got me and conveyed me here to this forlorn spot. He needs to wed me. Be that as it may, I have declined. In this way, he is endeavoring to compel me to change my choice."

"Try not to stress. I will murder that devil, however reveal to me the mystery about the other evil spirit," asked King Vikramaditya.

"That evil spirit took birth in light of the fact that there is a Mohini in the stomach of the principal devil. At whatever point the evil presence will be murdered, the Mohini will pour nectar in his mouth and he will be alive once more. At that point another evil spirit will take birth from his blood. The other devil can't be made alive by Mohini," answered the lady.

Lord Vikramaditya reassured the lady and got some information about that Mohini.

"No, I don't know anything about Mohini. I think about the evil spirit since he himself had revealed to me this," answered the lady.

"Try not to stress. I'll sit tight for him and at whatever point he comes, I'll slaughter him," said Vikramaditya.

Vikramaditya sat under a tree to take some rest, when abruptly, a lion assaulted him. However, soon Vikramaditya overwhelmed the lion. When the lion fell on the ground, it changed into a devil. Shockingly, it was a similar evil presence with whom Vikramaditya had recently battled.

Both Vikramaditya and the evil spirit began battling once more. Finding a chance, King Vikramaditya slaughtered the devil and destroyed his stomach. When he did as such, Mohini left the stomach and hurried to bring nectar for the devil. Without squandering whenever, Vikramaditya called his betaals and requested them to get Mohini. The Betaals got Mohini and took her to Vikramaditya.

The evil spirit kicked the bucket on the grounds that Mohini neglected to bring the nectar for him. The ruler at that point asked Mohini, "Who are you?"

"Ruler, I was one of the students of Lord Shiva. At some point, I neglected to comply with his guidelines. He inspired furious and reviled me to wind up a Mohini and offered me to this devil. Presently, you have slaughtered the devil, so you are my lord," answered Mohini.

After this episode, the ruler gave over the brahmin's little girl to her family and paid every one of the costs of her marriage. At that point, he and Mohini got hitched.

Subsequent to portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Have you at any point slaughtered an evil spirit the way King Vikramaditya did? Have you at any point helped any hopeless lady in such way? In the event that; truly, at that point you are qualified to sit on this position of authority, generally return to your royal residence."

Saying as much, the doll, Padmavati, returned to her place.

King Bhoja had no solution to her inquiry, so he came back to his royal residence with a bothered personality.