The Story of the Fourteenth Doll

The Story of Fourteenth Doll Sunaina (चौदहवीं गुड़िया सुनैना की कहानी)

Again on the fourteenth day, when King Bhoja went close to the position of authority, the fourteenth doll came in his direction and began portraying another account of King Vikramaditya.

"King Bhoja! My name is Sunaina. To begin with, tune in to this tale about the equity and boldness of Vikramaditya, and after that choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this position of royalty or not."

Saying as much, Sunaina began portraying the story.

Lord Vikramaditya was enamored with chasing. At some point, he ran in the timberland with a few troopers to chase. Vikramaditya recognized a lion and pursued it. The lion rapidly covered up in a shrubbery of congested shrubberies. Vikramaditya got off from his pony and began searching for the lion in the brambles. All of a sudden, the lion sprang upon Vikramaditya yet he could spare himself. Vikramaditya connected the lion with his sword.

Despite the fact that the lion got a few wounds, yet it got away to the bushed.

Finding a chance, the lion rapidly left the hedges and kept running towards the thick timberland. Vikramaditya additionally tailed it. It was fast to the point that soon every one of the fighters were deserted.

The harmed lion again stowed away inside a bramble. Vikramaditya began scanning for the lion in the shrubberies. All of a sudden, the lion left the bramble and sprang on the steed of Vikramaditya. The lion was quick to the point that Vikramaditya didn't find the opportunity to spare his steed from the lion. Subsequently, the steed was seriously harmed. Vikramaditya's consideration got occupied. He moved towards his steed. What's more, this was the perfect time for the lion to shroud itself. Vikramaditya saw that his steed was draining lavishly. He thought of treating the steed with a few herbs. So he chose to take the pony to a stream. It was evening time. Before long Vikramaditya found a waterway and went towards it. He chose to pick a few herbs that developed along the waterway. Be that as it may, the steed was depleted. Achieving the bank of the waterway, the pony began trembling, and soon it fell dead.

Vikramaditya felt extremely angry with the passing of his steed. He sat under a tree to take rest. All of a sudden, he heard voices. He saw two men battling for a dead body, which was coasting in the stream. On watching intently, Vikramaditya saw that one of them was a Kapalik (an individual wearing laurel of skulls).The other was a Betaal.

The Kapalik stated, "Absurd Betaal! Leave this body and leave. I need to play out a custom with this cadaver. I was hanging tight for carcass for a long time.

Them two kept battling and contending with one another.

At the point when Vikramaditya saw this, he went up to them. The Kapalik saw King Vikramaditya and said to the Betaal. "He resembles a lord and he may almost certainly do equity with us. How about we look for his assistance."

The Betaal concurred with him and them two went to Vikramaditya and educated him regarding the issue in detail and requested equity.

"As a matter of first importance, you should guarantee me that you will acknowledge my choice at any expense. One thing more, you should pay a charge for my administration," said King Vikramaditya.

Both the Kapalik and the Betaal concurred with Vikramaditya.

The Kapalik gave a sack to Vikramaditya and stated, "This is a mystical pack. Whatever you ask, it will give you."

Vikramaditya acknowledged the pack from the Kapalik.

At that point, Betaal gave a Mohini (a fantasy) made of wood to the lord and stated, "On the off chance that you rub it and apply its glue on your brow, you will wind up imperceptible."

Ruler Vikramaditya acknowledged both the things and said to Betaal, "Look, you need this cadaver to fulfill your appetite, while Kapalik needs it to play out a custom. You can fulfill your yearning by eating some other dead creature as well. On the off chance that I give you a dead creature, at that point would you leave this cadaver?"

"Why not? I just need to fulfill my craving," said Betaal.

Pointing towards his dead pony, Vikramaditya stated, "See that horse. That is my steed, which kicked the bucket a couple of minutes back. You can have it."

Betaal felt cheerful, said thanks to the lord and left.

After that Vikramaditya turned towards the Kapalik and stated, "Your need of this body is more than Betaal's. You can take it with you." The Kapalik was happy with the equity of King Vikramaditya and left with the body.

Vikramaditya was feeling hungry. He thought of testing the pack that the Kapalik had given him. He requested some sustenance. In a minute, scrumptious sustenance showed up before him. He ate it to his full. At that point, he thought of a plan to shield himself from wild creatures. He connected the glue of Mohini on his brow, which Betaal had given him. He in this way wound up undetectable.

Next morning, King Vikramaditya came to Ujjain on the shoulders of his betaals. While in transit to the castle, he saw a hobo, who was very appetite. Vikramaditya gave him the sack that he had gotten from the Kapalik and continued.

In the wake of portraying the story, the doll asked King Bhoja, "Would you be able to take such an astute choice like King Vikramaditya? On the off chance that indeed, at that point you can sit on this position of royalty, generally return."

The doll at that point returned to her place. Ruler Bhoja had no response to the inquiry, so he came back to his royal residence.