The Story of the Thirteenth Doll

The Story of Thirteenth Doll Kirtimati (तेरहवीं गुड़िया कीर्तिमती की कहानी)

On the thirteenth day, when King Bhoja moved toward the honored position, the thirteenth doll showed up. She stated, "My name is Kirtimati. First tune in to this anecdote about the liberality of King Vikramaditya and after that choose whether you are liberal like him or not, and in the event that truly, at that point you can sit on this honored position."

What's more, the doll began portraying a story.

Consistently, in the court of Vikramaditya, exchanges were held in regards to different issues. At some point, the theme of dialog was, 'Who is the most liberal individual on the planet?' All the subjects took the name of King Vikramaditya as the most liberal individual of the world. They described diverse stories, which demonstrated the liberality of King Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya was tuning in to every one of his gestures of recognition calmly, yet didn't feel proud by any stretch of the imagination.

All of a sudden, one squire stood up and stated, "O King! I might want to state something on the off chance that you don't get furious or rebuff me."

Ruler Vikramaditya stated, "Talk without dread."

The subject stated, "Lord~ I think there is somebody who is more liberal than you."

Individuals in the court began mumbling. Vikramaditya requested that everybody be quiet, and afterward asked the squire, "Let me know! Is there somebody more liberal than me?"

"Indeed, Your Majesty," answered the subject, "there is a kingdom over the ocean that is led by King Kirtidhwaj. I was there for at some point and have seen his liberality. Each morning, he gives away one lakh gold coins to the poor. It is at exactly that point that he takes his dinners. For whatever length of time that I remained in his kingdom, I went each day to his royal residence to profit by his philanthropy."

Lord Vikramaditya felt satisfied with the retainer since he had communicated his sentiments with no dread, and gave him numerous gold coins as remuneration.

In the meantime, King Vikramaditya believed that he should meet such a liberal individual and test his liberality as well.

Next morning, King Vikramaditya gave over the entirety of his critical duties to his clergymen, and afterward left for his voyage. On achieving the seashore, he called his betaals and requesting that they take him to the kingdom of King Kirtidhwaj.

He achieved the royal residence in the camouflage of a common man and sent message to the lord that he has originated from Ujjain looking for an occupation. The watchman drove him inside the spot. On asking the purpose for his dropping by Kirtidhwaj, Vikramaditya answered, "I am here looking for a vocation. I can do anything, that others can't."

Kirtidhwaj was satisfied and delegated Vikramaditya as the gatekeeper of his royal residence. Next morning, Vikramaditya saw Kirtidhwaj giving gold coins to the destitute individuals. Vikramaditya saw that it was a piece of his day by day directing. He likewise discovered that consistently at night, Kirtidhwaj went alone some place and brought gold coins from that point. One night, he subtly pursued Kirtidhwaj. He saw that Kirtidhwaj initially went to the ocean to clean up, and after that to a sanctuary. There was a vessel loaded with bubbling oil in the sanctuary before the Goddess. He bounced into the vessel and kicked the bucket of consumes. Vikramaditya was dismayed.

Scarcely any minutes after the fact, some betaals touched base there. They took out Kirtidhwaj's body from the Bessel, ate his fragile living creature and left. At that point, the Goddess showed up. She dropped some nectar on the bones and he wound up alive. The Goddess at that point gave one lakh gold coins to Kirtidhwaj. Also, Kirtidhwaj returned joyfully to his castle.

In this manner, Vikramaditya came to know the mystery of one lakh gold coins, that King Kirtidhwaj gave away as philanthropy consistently.

One night, when Kirtidhwaj left with the gold coins, Vikramaditya remained back at the sanctuary. He scrubbed down and after that offered petitions to the Goddess and hopped into the vessel of bubbling oil. Once more, a similar thing occurred. Some betaals took out Vikramaditya's scorched body from the vessel, ate his fragile living creature and left. At that point, the Goddess showed up and emptied a few drops of nectar into Vikramaditya's mouth. Vikramaditya ended up alive and when the Goddess was going to give gold coins to him, he stated, "I don't need the gold coins. I just need your gifts."

"That is the thing that I am giving you, my child," said the Goddess, without understanding what Vikramaditya really implied.

"No, regardless I don't have your gifts," saying as much, he again bounced into the vessel. Once more, the betaals came and ate his substance. The Goddess again poured a few drops of nectar in his mouth. When he was alive, the Goddess offered him the gold coins at the same time, Vikramaditya again won't, "I don't need gold coins. I need your favors." Saying this, he again bounced into the vessel. This occurred for multiple times.

The eighth time Vikramaditya was going to hop into the vessel, the Goddess said him, "Stop Vikramaditya, I am extremely satisfied with you. Let me know, what do you need? I'll offer it to you."

Vikramaditya collapsed his hands and stated, "In the event that you need to give me something, at that point give me the sack from which I can get gold coins each day."

The Goddess gave the pack to Vikramaditya. When Vikramaditya held the pack, a supernatural occurrence occurred. The Goddess and the sanctuary disappeared from that point. Ruler Vikramaditya returned back to the castle.

Following day, when Kirtidhwaj went there, he was stunned to see that the sanctuary was not there.

Kirtidhwaj relinquished nourishment and water. Not his routine with regards to giving one lakh gold coins ceased. He ended up resentful and fell sick. Numerous days passed along these lines. At the point when the state of Kirtidhwaj decayed, Vikramaditya requested that consent meet Kirtidhwaj. Whenever allowed, he went to Kirtidhwaj and approached him the purpose behind being vexed and bothered.

Lord Kirtidhwaj uncovered the issue before Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya grinned and stated, "How might you feel, in the event that you get the pack from which the Goddess used to give you gold coins?"

Saying this, Vikramaditya gave the celestial sack to Kirtidhwaj and stated, "I truly felt exceptionally pitiful to see you hopping in the bubbling oil day by day. So I got the pack from the Goddess."

Vikramaditya then uncovered his personality. Kirtidhwaj hugged and expressed gratitude toward him. They progressed toward becoming companions. For some days, Vikramaditya remained there.

The doll at that point asked King Bhoja, "Reveal to me lord, have you at any point yielded and given like King Vikramaditya? In the event that truly, at that point you are deserving of sitting on this honored position, generally not."

King Bhoja again came back to his castle, exasperates and upset.