The Story of the Twenty-Ninth Doll

The Story of the Twenty-Ninth Doll Manwati
(उनत्तीसवां गुड़िया मानवती की कहानी)

On the twenty-ninth day, when King Bhoja endeavored to mount the position of royalty, the twenty-ninth doll stopped him and began describing a story of King Vikramaditya subsequent to giving her brief presentation. "Ruler Bhoja, I am Manwati, the twenty-ninth doll of this position of royalty. I respect you for your bravery. You are endeavoring to sit on this honored position for the last such a large number of days. I additionally wish that you sit on this position of authority, however for that you need atleast one quality like King Vikramaditya. Give me a chance to reveal to you an account of King Vikramaditya."

Saying as much, the doll began portraying the story.

One night, King Vikramaditya was strolling on the porch of his royal residence. He was getting a charge out of the view at nightfall. All of a sudden, he heard a few voices, "Help! Help!"

He saw that a youth and a girl were suffocating in the stream. Vikramaditya didn't squander whenever and kept running towards the stream. He bounced into the waterway and spared them.

When they all left the waterway, Vikramaditya's eyes fell on the girl. She was incredibly wonderful. She resembled a heavenly attendant.

When he got some information about the episode, the adolescent answered, "We were going in a vessel with our relatives. All of a sudden, the watercraft got caught in a whirlpool. All the relatives passed on with the exception of us. We are thankful to you as you have spared us from suffocating."

"What's your name?" asked the ruler.

"My name is Devkant and this is my sister Devkanta. We are from the Saranga kingdom," answered the young.

"Your will be securely sent to your kingdom. Till that time, you are my visitors," said the ruler.

At that point, they continued towards the royal residence. In transit, a few warriors bowed before the ruler, at exactly that point Devkant and his sister understood that the individual who spared their lives was none other than the extraordinary lord Vikramaditya. They were satisfied. They lived in the castle, getting a charge out of the considerable number of solaces and extravagances. Presently, Devkant was especially stressed over the marriage of his sister, Devkanta. All of a sudden, he pondered wedding his sister to King Vikramaditya. In view of this, he went to meet Vikramaditya with his sister, Devkanta. Devkanta looked flawless in regal garments and gems. Anybody could have gone gaga for her. Devkant bowed before the ruler and stated, "O Lord! I am stressed over my sister, Devkanta."

"Try not to stress, Devkanta will live in my royal residence, as my sister," said the lord.

Devkant couldn't trust his ears. He began at the lord and afterward fell at his feet.

The ruler stated, "A lord ought to dependably have a decent character, else it will leave an awful impact regarding his matters."

Devkant stated, "I am sad. As a matter of fact, I am stressed over my sister's marriage."

Lord Vikramaditya stated, "Don't stress. Presently Devkanta is my sister. What's more, presently I am likewise stressed over her marriage. On the off chance that you know any great counterpart for her, at that point let me know."

Devkant stated, "The ruler of Udaygiri, Udayan, needs to wed my sister, yet my monetary condition isn't sound to the point that I could mastermind the marriage of my sister with a sovereign. Along these lines, I declined his proposition."

The ruler at that point considered a priest, gave him a gigantic total of cash and requesting that he go to Udaygiri with the proposition to be engaged of Devkanta. At night, the priest returned back and educated the lord that in transit he had been burglarized by four men. Lord Vikramaditya was astounded to find out about criminals in his kingdom. At night, he masked himself and went to the spot, where the minister was looted. He saw four men sitting in a desolate spot. He went there. All the four men got frightened when they saw a more abnormal remaining before them. They felt that he was a government operative. The lord stated, "Don't stress. I won't hurt you. I am additionally a hoodlum like you."

One of the four men stated, "We are not burglars. We are edified individuals of this kingdom. We are here to design something vital."

Vikramaditya giggled and stated, "You can't conceal reality from me. I can peruse the essence of an individual."

Another man stated, "Truly, we are looters. Anyway, what will you do? Try not to meddle in our issue. Leave."

"Try not to get irate, old buddy. I just need to join your pack," said Vikramaditya.

The criminals trusted that the outsider was not one of the lord's men. The pioneer of the criminals stated, "We never take outsiders in our pack. We as a whole have atleast one quality in ourselves. Do you have any?"

At the point when Vikramaditya got some information about their characteristics, the main looter stated, "I can figure the favorable time for burglaries, with the goal that our arrangement never fizzles."

The second criminals stated, "I can comprehend the language of flying creatures and creatures."

The third thieves stated, "I know a craftsmanship through which I can wind up undetectable while victimizing."

"I have an instrument, which in the event that I tie on my body, I'll not feel the agony in the event that I get any beating," said the fourth one.

Vikramaditya stated, "I can tell where assets are covered up by taking a gander at the spot."

At the point when the looters came to think about his quality, they allowed him to join the posse. Vikramaditya then took them to his very own castle for robbery. The burglars removed every one of the assets, yet when they were going to escape, the fighters got them.

Following day, when they were taken to the court, they were astounded to see their fifth colleague as the ruler. They began trembling with dread.

The ruler stated, "All of you are gifted. You have characteristics by which you can work to support the general population. I can pardon you relying on the prerequisite that all of you will never submit any wrong demonstration."

The four criminals felt heartbroken and consented to the condition. The lord designated them as fighters in his military. In the interim, the marriage of Devkanta and Udayan was additionally settled. Ruler Vikramaditya paid every one of the costs of their marriage.

Subsequent to portraying the story, the doll asked, "Would you say you resemble King Vikramaditya, who was so solid in character? Have you at any point set out to designate criminals in your military? In the event that truly, at that point sit on this position of authority."

King Bhoja felt embarrassed and came back to his royal residence.