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How Horses Became Servants of Man

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
All horses once lived in the wild, running freely wherever they wanted. Then they were caught by men and kept in captivity. How did it happen? They say that once upon a time horses shared the land with wild boars. Just like little boys, the boars loved to make a mess. If they were very happy. This made the horses cross, because it ruined the best places where the grass was fresh and tasty.

In the end , they went to the people of the nearby village and asked for help. "Yes," they said, "we will get rid of the boars for you, but in return you must live with us and let us ride you whenever we want." The men made saddles and, taking their spears, rode on the horses to chase the boars away. And so horses became the servants of men.

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