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How a Beetle Got Even with an Eagle

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Alexander Beetle was pottering about in the grass when a hare came dashing up. "Help," he cried, pointing with his paw. " That eagle is after me." Alexander was a brave beetle, and he stood up on his back legs. "Stop'" he called to the eagle as it swooped.. "I've given the hare my protection, so you mustn't touch him." The eagle sneered at him. "Your Protection? who needs protection from a tiny creature like you?" She snatched the hare up in her great claws and flew away to the nest. From that moment on, Alexander Beetle was determined to have his revenge on the eagle. Every time she left her nest, he would fly up and roll one of her eggs out of it, leaving it to break into pieces on the ground below. After a while there were no eggs left in the nest. And ever since, they say, eagles won't lay eggs when there are beetles about.
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